PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

grr argh

You know, it's not even the 50+ minutes I spent sitting on the Red Line outside of Fort Totten, a prisoner of Metro's stupidity. It's not even the guy with the BOOMING VOICE you could hear over the entire train car who spent the entire time talking to his buddy, explaining his ridiculous conspiracy theories which ran the gamut from the Matrix to the Freemasons to the Druids to Highlander (I'm not joking. At all. He was jovial about it, and didn't seem particularly crazy, but, man, captive audience.) And it's not even the construction they've doing outside the Silver Spring station.

I really think what made me angriest is that there was no real explanation for why we had to sit there that long, nor anyone saying they were sorry for it, or any other basic element of customer service offered to the people whose evenings were ruined by this.

Tags: not news, not right, two-fisted tales

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