PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Best headline approximately ever: Hot Zombie Love. Oh, and the article's pretty interesting too.

Must read: Bill Moyers gave an awesome speech on accepting an award from the Take Back America conference.

(And linked from there: John Dean asks "Is lying about the reason for war an impeachable offense?" special: the unfettered greed and growth of AOL.

* Right, Kabul. Forgot about that place. looks like I wasn't the only one.
* Are we really making Iraq safer?
* US becoming entangled in Georgia and the Chechen conflict.
* A shift for the better: jurors rejecting the death penalty in nearly all federal trials.
* New book to examine the compelling power of Christianity.
* "The Bug: The Postmodern Prometheus."
* "The mediathon": our generation gets 5 weeks, not 15 minutes.
* I've been saying it for a while: we're getting inundated with Holocaust documentaries and the like.

"Have you noticed how often Israel kills a Hamas activist and the victim is described by Israelis as 'a senior Hamas official' or a 'key operative'? This has led me to wonder: How many senior Hamas officials could there be?" -Thomas L. Friedman

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