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"So this is what happens when the president of the United States has virtually no credibility left. The nation is facing a serious financial crisis. But neither the public nor Congress have confidence in the solutions being put forth by President Bush's appointed economic leads. Americans have learned what questions to ask when the Bush team starts to make threats. Is the situation as bad as they say? Do we have to respond the way they say? Are there any better alternatives? Do we have to act as fast as they say? And is it possible they don't know what they're doing?"

* Good read: fifteen things you need to know about the Panic of 2008. "A crash course in why it happened, how it's strangling the nation's finances and how it might work itself out." (Courtesy mscongeniality.)
* Five reasons to give thanks for the financial collapse of the decade. (Courtesy my dad.)
* Three big problems with the bailout plan.
* Andrew Cohen on the bailout and the law.

Tags: 2008, news

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