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Previously, on Heroes...

Chapter 1: The Second Coming

* 4 years in the future. "It wouldn't be like this is they never knew about us." -Future Peter
* (More time travel? Already?)
* "I'm different, remember? Special." -Dark Claire
* Zombie Nathan!
* Yay Hiro and Ando! "A man without a quest."
* (GOD I hate G4.)
* "Hello Claire." -Sylar
* Not fully recovered.
* Captain Sheridan!
* And Mohinder... is leaving? No, wait, he's monologuing.
* "I leave you with a sacred duty." Never open the safe? Seriously? Half of the formula that could destroy the world? Why would you keep that around, and in such an obvious place? Chosen one, purity of the blood, etc.
* WHOOSH! "How are you doing this? Are you a speedster too?"
* Man, Future Peter is a bad liar. "Now that you know, you can't be here." And, Matt is... gone?
* "His message is a simple one: we are all connected." -Jordan Collier Nathan
* "Save ourselves. Save the world."
* Mohinder found the source!
* "You see, I lost everything that made me special." -Sylar
* Files! Rooting around in her brain. And, please, please, please, quit saying the 'we only use 10% of our brain' myth.
* "Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting." DAMNIT.
* And, now Sylar's unstoppable. And, Claire's still alive. "You're different. You're special." Can't kill her, can't die.
* The formula works with each person's unique body chemistry, and thusly would get their own unique power. Sure.
* "We could be angels. All here to do God's bidding." -Nathan Collier
* OH HAI LINDERMAN. "It seems you and I are meant for great things, Nathan."
* "Tracy"
* Matt, scorpion on the face, desert.
* Go to future, see what happens. Chaos! Ando has Sith lightning! Superstorm! "We gotta find that formula."
* And, of course Mohinder injects himself.
* Angela! "What have you done with Peter?"
* "Something different happens now."
* The Vault! Mr. Bennet!
* What rough beast, indeed.
* And hey, painting.

Chapter 2: The Butterfly Effect

* "He got what he came for." Claire can't feel pain.
* Angela's dream.
* Strings. "You never were as smart as you thought you were."
* "You don't screw with time. It's called the butterfly effect."
* Mr. Mohinder Hyde. Enhanced senses, stronger, more agile, walk on walls, etc. Also, bodice-ripping powers.
* Matt Parkman. Location unknown.
* Elle and Bob! Daphne Millbrook. And... Tracy Strauss?
* "I need to prove I am still alive." -Claire
* "He can heal now. That wasn't supposed to happen." -Future Peter
* "I'm still justa victim."
* "Did you call me Nikki?"
* "The word biblically comes to mind."
* Dude, Linderman isn't actually there.
* And, Bob's dead.
* "Sylar's in the building. Let's go." -Elle
* Bullets fall out! Elle goes BOOM.
* World's greatest thief, huh?
* "It wasn't me. It was a robot or something." -Ando
* "That's what Batman always does with Catwoman." -Hiro
* "I need to show you something." -Future Peter
* In the future, heroes are hunted.
* "If you're from the future, then what do I do next?" -Nathan
* "I want you on my staff."
* And Sylar's in jail. In a coma?
* "With your father's death, the chain of command falls to me." -Angela
* Let out a dozen inmates! And Mr. Bennet!
* Elle - fired! Bad idea.
* Daphne's boss? Tracking device! "I do many things you don't see."
* And Mohinder's in a bad way. EW.
* "Why are you talking to a turtle?"
* "America's a big place." "Yes. Africa is too."
* "No service here. SHould have gone with Sprint."
* Spirit walk! "Be patient, Parkman." Paints the future, huh?
* "Something happened. Something that I can't ignore." -Mr. Bennet
* Knox, absorbs fear. Flamethrower dude. "The German", who's magnetic or something. ANd, "Jesse."
* Claire's mom? Again, is this a good idea?
* "C'mon, our ride's here."
* Angela, I love you.

So. Yeah. I like some of the ideas, but, man, it all feels a little rushed. You could definitely make a good season out of everything they introduced. And I know everyone wants to see their favorite characters right at the beginning, but man, did they have to throw so much in at once? Hopefully they get their previous pitch-perfect pacing back on the rails.

And rushing through the excessive exposition doesn't help, Mohinder.

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