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Analysis: "President Bush's decision to shore up the financial markets with massive government intervention is the latest sign of a broad ideological transformation of his presidency."

"If you're a Republican running for president of the United States and the Wall Street Journal basically says you're an incompetent buffoon, you're in serious trouble." (Courtesy ninjacooter.)

Good read: why we must defend the War Powers Act of 1973 from those who want to weaken it even more.

* Pakistani troops fire on U.S. choppers. This is... inauspicious.
* Analysis: So, uh, will the government bailout of the financial sector work?
* Judge orders Cheney to keep his records... but I'm betting they destroyed all the good ones while they waited for the court decision to come down.
* Olmert steps down amidst corruption charges.
* Frank Rich, on truthiness: "McCain opposed the very regulations that might have helped avert the current catastrophe."
* Compromise on the format for the debates.
* Interesting. Prepping a second space shuttle as an emergency vehicle in case the first has problems.
* Environmentally-friendly alternatives to concrete.

Relaunching the Muppets, in a big way

Oh, yes. Stephen Chow to take on The Green Hornet.

Oh, and the Emmys were last night. Here's the list of winners.

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