PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

featuring: Mars, movies, and mystery wreckage

Good read: Dan Froomkin dismantles Bush's defense of his legacy (and Charles Krauthammer's article on the same.)

Good read: Andrew Cohen on the Justice Department's real record.

New questions about the surge and the decline in violence in Iraq.

* All this talk of government bailouts for big organizations is nice, but how will it all affect average Americans?
* Yeesh. More excerpts from the new book on Cheney.
* Venezuela expels Human Rights Watch workers.
* Mystery ship wreckage washes ashore after hurricane.
* The Phoenix lander gets a new lease on life.
* Large Hadron Collider down for repairs.
* Good news for the future of Dreamworks.

Hollywood pushes 3-D films in a big way; I'm not pleased by this development.

Wowzah! Fifty awesome movie posters from Poland. (Courtesy necrocannibal.)

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