PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Citizens shouldn't call it a comeback

"...It is symbolic of the campaign that John McCain has decided to run. It's a campaign now built on turning everything possible into a cultural wedge issue - including even energy policy, no matter how stupid it makes the voters and no matter how much it might weaken America... The same guy, who would not sell his soul to win his party's nomination, is ready to sell every piece of his soul to win the presidency."

Global markets continue to suffer.

"The body of an aristocrat who died nearly 90 years ago has been exhumed in the hope that it will help scientists combat a future flu pandemic."

* Good reads: the BBC discusses how to be a good president. Also, the different ways of viewing America.
* A war film showing a different side of Iran.
* Did Cheney directly lie to Dick Armey? And, did Cheney refuse to head up Katrina relief efforts?
* More on how Palin ran Alaska. Definitely not how I want anyone running America.
* Remember back when Republicans complained when people played 'the victim card'?
* No more 'Barracuda': musicians refuse to let Republicans use their music.
* The Explainer, on seeing Russia from Alaska.
* Fancy. The Smithsonian will put its complete collection online.

Losing space: NASA in its decline.

George Takei married his partner of twenty-one years. No straight marriages spontaneously dissolved (to the best of my knowledge.)

Tags: 2008, easy sell, news, science!
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