PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"An intelligence forecast being prepared for the next president on future global risks envisions a steady decline in U.S. dominance in the coming decades, as the world is reshaped by globalization, battered by climate change, and destabilized by regional upheavals over shortages of food, water and energy."

"We can't kill our way to victory, and no armed force anywhere - no matter how good - can deliver these keys alone. It requires teamwork and cooperation."

* Dan Froomkin on Bush's renewed interest in bin Laden.
* Hello, record deficits.
* Imagining a North Korea without Kim Jong Il.
* Can a political candidate just refuse to be interviewed?
* Dana Milbank on Bush's latest victory speech.
* Who'd have thunk? The future of warfare could be tiny toy planes.
* Looking into smaller grocery stores.
* Creating 'super steel.' through fusion power.

Today's headline: DR Congo frees goats from prison

Tags: 2008, news, science!

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