PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

minis ahoy

Despite a bevy of problems that threatened the plan, the inimitable warmaster picked me up and we headed down to Dream Wizards for some late-night Warhammer 40k.

1500 points, my Imperial Guard vs. his Nurgle Marines, trying out the 5th edition rules. I'll spare the minute details, since very few people here would understand, much less care. But a good time was had, and I feel I've got a decent grasp of most of the new rules, to boot.

The high point of my evening was the lone Delaque lascannon gunner, who lost the rest of his squad, standing up to Typhus, the super-scary avatar of Chaos, and taking him out. That bald weirdo is getting a promotion. (He then got run over by a tank, but that's not the impressive part of the story.)

Guard has its work cut out for it in the new edition. Troops are valuable, and we get them in spades. Improved running, even better for my footsloggers. But, man, I can't picture trying to uproot some of the high-Toughness enemies out there if they're sitting on an objective. Guard does things well, but they don't always do it quickly. I showed warmaster that yes, massed lasguns can still hurt, which was good, considering how many other 1's I was throwing with my other weapons.

You can't park that there!
He also ran one of his Rhinos down my backfield, to much amusement.

Tags: 2008, gaming, not news, two-fisted tales

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