PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

good reading today

"If it seems like disasters are getting more common, it's because they are. But some disasters do seem to be affecting us worse — and not for the reasons you may think."

Snerk. As noted elsewhere: according to the White House, what McCain endured as a prisoner of war was not torture. I'm sure that makes him feel better.

* "The difficulty for the Republican ticket in talking about change and acting like insurgents is that they have been running Washington for most of the last eight years."
* 'Six ways to fix the CIA'
* Heh. Watching changes to the candidates' webpages.
* How he survived a 500-foot fall.
* Today's BBC headline: Zombie plague sweeps the internet
* "Across the country, particularly at larger companies, transgender workers are being protected and assisted in ways that were hardly imaginable a few years ago."
* Steven Sommers is working on a new version of Tarzan.

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