PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

ZOMG more TF2

I've changed my name from PMMJ, as I was gaming with some dude with the voice mike, who was very helpful, but listening to him say PMMJ over and over got to me. So, now my username is Thrillkiller (because it's awesome) because I couldn't come up with a good name on a variation on the Suicide Squad (which would be, admittedly, more appropriate.)

Still having big fun, obviously. Lessons learned: Don't play Sniper unless you're intimately familiar with the map. Demoman is fun, but a lack of direct damage is rough going. My default class is Soldier, at this point; when all else fails, I can make something happen with a rocket launcher. That being said, I've taken another shot at Pyro, and definitely made a breakthrough on how to make things happen with it. And honestly, nothing is cooler than the Pyro taunt (the first one here.) Will have to sit down and give Engineer a go one of these days. It looks... complicated.

Tags: gaming, not news

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