PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"John McCain needs to persuade swing voters that he's willing to take on the Republican establishment. He needs to persuade conservatives that he isn't squishy about social issues. And he needs to close the gender gap. When you think about it, the real surprise about Sarah Palin's selection as his running mate is that it's such a surprise." (More here.)

Fun fact! According to Bush, we're still under a state of emergency, like we have been since 2001. Officially. Makes me curious as to what they're really up to.

* Why Russia risked engaging Georgia.
* Examining Russia's propaganda war.
* Changing roles for Japanese women.
* The clients of the sex trade speak out.
* Wait. People start skipping measles shots, and suddenly measles are a problem again? What a coincidence!
* Remains of lost towns discovered in the Amazon jungle.
* Summer box office sets new record.

Yay! Dungeons and Dragons strikes back at McCain campaign.

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