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How Bush Destroyed the Republican Party : 'A president driven by ideology. A Congress rife with corruption. A political party hellbent on a "permanent majority." A leading scholar examines the radicals who hijacked the GOP - and wrecked the longest conservative ascendancy in American history.'

Productivity has increased, but income hasn't. Follow the money.

"Scientists have transformed one type of fully developed adult cell directly into another inside a living animal."

* A catch-22 in the government's illegal immigrant verification program?
* Why aren't more powerful women caught up in sex scandals?
* Al-Jazeera at the biker bar.
* Rebuilding the Golden Mosque.
* Finding new uses for empty television channels.
* Whoah. New exoskeleton to help the disabled.
* Today's best headline: 'Cold feet' may halt toad march
* Keen. Sheriff chooses to spend a week behind bars.
* A longer season for the NFL? lists six insane sports that would even get me watching the Olympics.

Part two of the AV Club's fall TV preview.

Tags: 2008, news, quotes, scary technology, science!, tv

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