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What culture war? "Despite the stories we will read, hear and see this week and next, Americans are a much more pragmatic, moderate and independent crowd. But we do need to be careful not to pick up the intolerance and bad manners of those who seek our votes."

Hugin and Munin: turns out that crows don't forget faces. And they spread the word.

* Privatizing our national infrastructure? Ugh.
* Homosexuals fear for their lives in Iraq.
* The White House discovers the limits of their brand of 'personal diplomacy.'
* New world order: self-appointed 'hacktivists' make their mark on foreign affairs.
* "We can no longer afford to postpone our nation-building."
* Alaskans show their support for Stevens.
* The Explainer on the afterlives of Olympic stadiums.
* Confirmed: no Preacher at HBO.
* Dr. Thomas Weller, one of the virologist who won the Nobel Prize for their work on the polio vaccine, passed away.

Part one of the AV Club's fall TV preview. And yes, stealing shows from overseas remains popular.

Offering career advice for corporate goths. (Courtesy badassfaerie.)

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