PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"On Thursday, the presidential race reached a whole new level of nasty. Like many such fights, it all started with a principled debate over competing formulas for calculating tax revenue. Excuse me, I'm sorry: That's in an alternate universe. Like all such fights, this one was about symbolism and positioning."

The hot news is McCain not knowing how many houses he has. Which is, admittedly, pretty ridiculous. Howard Kurtz has your coverage here. And the Post offers up a a tour of McCain's houses also.

Bob Herbert on why Teddy Roosevelt probably shouldn't be the Republicans' go-to name.

Why zingers don't make good foreign policy. (Another lesson well-learned in the past seven years.)

Subtle, guys: BAGnewsNotes finds a discrepancy in the visuals at the VFW speeches.

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