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"In general: Democrats try to turn the Republican into someone you disagree with on the issues. Republicans try to turn the Democrat into someone you wouldn't want to live on your street or let near your children. Is it any wonder the latter is more effective?"

Good read: Michael Scherer on disturbing trends in domestic surveillance. Is this the kind of country we want to live in?

* New proposed HHS anti-abortion regulation would mean providers don't even have to provide information about alternate procedures.
* Bad news: progress in Iraq could slide if something isn't done about former Sunni insurgents. More from Joe Klein here.
* Bush administration agrees to a timetable to withdraw from Iraq, so, I guess by their own words, they're admitting defeat.
* Analysis: 'Washington worries that an emboldened but estranged Moscow could use its arms industry and influence to undermine U.S. interests.'
* How the West can help Georgia.
* Huh. Intel announces wireless power. Here's hoping it pans out. (Courtesy p_sunshine.)
* Hee. "For eight years, U.S. science policy hasn't been dictated by actual science, so our next president is going to have to overcompensate."
* So, why aren't decathletes the top Olympians?

Ooh, they might add a Hugo Award for graphic novels.

On the heels of Stargate: Atlantis not being renewed, they announce a third series: Stargate: Universe.

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