PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"As we watch President Bush lurch about, trying to find the proper response to Russia's invasion of Georgia, it seems a good time to check in on the Bush Doctrine. But good luck finding it."

As the price of metal rises, car part thefts also grow. And how bad is inflation when even the price of dirt is rising?

Increasing use of GPS by police another step towards Big Brother?

* "Having done so much to sap American economic and military strength and diminish its own diplomatic credibility over the last seven years, the White House now finds itself peculiarly vulnerable to the one-upmanship of its defiance-driven friends, who cannot win wars by themselves, but can start fights that Washington may feel it has to finish."
* Analysis: a two-sided descent into full-scale war.
* Examining Musharraf's 'legacy of ruin.'
* Interesting: charges for Blackwater?
* Cassini checks out the gas geysers on Enceladus.
* The AV Club talks with veteran actor Brian Cox.
* "Once known as the king of Mormon film, a crisis of faith has him heading in a new direction."
* Time talks with the man behind 4chan.

Why the media covers things like the Bigfoot press conference.

The AV Club presents 18 unusual Shakespeare adaptations.

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