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Analysis: the Georgian conflict is redrawing relationships with Russia. Good read. Also, I don't think Moscow quite understands the term 'ceasefire'. And how this will all affect... the space station.

"Jerome Corsi, author of a pitiful new slam on Obama, is the product of a publishing industry that feeds off extremism." (More from Joe Klein here.)

* How Katrina created a unique opportunity to revamp education.
* On the legacy of humanitarian intervention.
* The pessimistic economist who predicted our current economic downturn, and what he sees next.
* OK, I've been ignoring the whole Edwards scandal, but the conspiracy is growing deeper.
* Inside Louisiana's weird upcoming election.
* Clarification: Obama is not, in fact, the Antichrist.
* presents twenty fall movies they can't wait to see.
* Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

"The U.S. military is paying scientists to study ways to read people's thoughts."

Obama secures the endorsement of... Savage Dragon.

Tags: comic books, movies, news, scary technology

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