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You're kidding me, right? No prosecutions for political discrimination at the Justice Dept. ninjacooter says it all here. This is ridiculous, people. But don't fret. Mukasey says you can totally re-apply. Quality NYTimes editorial here.

The problem with measuring the Pacific Garbage Heap.

"Two out of every three United States corporations paid no federal income taxes from 1998 through 2005."

* Bob Herbert on the myth of offshore drilling.
* Good read: Howard Kurtz on what the Edwards scandal says about the media.
* The decline of the Republican moderate.
* Updating Obama's veep short list.
* The replacement for the space shuttle won't be online until 2014.
* DNA testing to solve one of the mysteries surrounding King Tut?
* Joel Achenbach on the Olympic gymnasts.
* 'Comic-book idols rally to aid a Holocaust artist'

Avi Arad signs Maximum Ride. Anyone read any of these?

For your You-Tube-ing pleasure, presents 25 classic Sesame Street visits.

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