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catching up is hard to do

Analysis: behind Russia's assault on Georgia. Also, examining Russia's cyberwar.

"The Congressional Budget Office found that the United States this year will have spent $100 billion on contractors in Iraq since the invasion in 2003.

Maybe expert testimony in our courts should be made by impartial witnesses.

Bush combines his war on oversight with his war on the environment.

* BAGnewsNotes on the unseen meltdown in Iraq.
* New outrage over the epidemic of kidnappings in Mexico.
* Plot thickening: 'clashing portraits emerge of anthrax suspect.' Are they rushing for a post mortem conviction?
* Whuf. Proposal for a police state at the rebuilt World Trade Center site.
* Three years later, the fate of New Orleans.
* Not left behind: a backdoor insinuation of Obama as the Antichrist? Wow. (Courtesy ninjacooter.)
* The Hater on the new version of Clue.
* Singer Isaac Hayes has passed away.

Fast-tracking a new Flash Gordon.

Whoah. I was only vaguely aware of some of the shenanigans Perelman was accused of at Marvel in the 90's, but, wow.

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