PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

why film critics rule

Robin D. Laws explains The Dark Knight better than I can:

"It's a movie about psychological warfare. The prize being fought for are the hearts and minds of the public. It's entirely appropriate for the Joker to monologue about the theme. The Joker is a metaphor he knows it: that's the source of his power. Also why he has no origin, no backstory (and several false ones), no sign of having come from anywhere. Batman, abetted by James Gordon, is trying to be a metaphor. (His vulnerability is that he does come somewhere, does have a history - through which the Joker can strike at him.) When they discuss the theme, they're talking tactics. Batman and Gordon seize on Harvey Dent as part of their campaign and decide to make him into a metaphor, too. But again, he is human and therefore vulnerable to the Joker. The effort to navigate the divide between man and symbol literally splits him in two, entirely stripping him of his agency. He's left making decisions only by coin-flip."

Tags: comic books, defend your thesis, movies, not news, quotes
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