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"CBS Radio's Mark Knoller, who has covered the White House full time since 1992, is known as the keeper of the best unofficial records about presidential comings and goings. Some of his numbers are staggering: Bush has raised more than $800 million at 327 fundraising events for GOP candidates and causes. Some are curious: Bush has been to 75 countries (Mexico, Russia and Italy lead with six visits each) and 49 states (no Vermont visit so far). Some are eyebrow-raising: Bush has spent well over a year at his Crawford, Texas ranch, well over a year at Camp David, and has attended 95 sports-related events. Some numbers are conspicuous by their absence: Knoller doesn't have a tally for Bush bike rides. You can come pretty close to an accurate total for that by adding up the above-freezing weekend days Bush has been in Washington. Added together, says Knoller, a bearded and booming presence around the White House, the Bush numbers tell a story. 'They tell what's important to him. They offer insight into his work ethic and personal habits,' he said. 'The numbers speak for themselves, but they're only part of the full story. Policies and presidential actions are not easily reduced to numbers.'"

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