PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

On this day in 632 AD, the prophet Mohammed died.

Here's my writeup of the HeroClix tournament I hit yesterday.

I also recently picked up a new Vampire sourcebook. For those out of the loop, there's a line of sourcebooks for third edition that have no stats whatsoever, just discussions of topics for players and STs alike. I am in love with this. It reminds me of The Prince's Primer, possibly the best and most overlooked supplement from the past.

Yesterday, I picked up Succubus Club: Dead Man's Party, which is living up to my expectations. It's all about vampire parties, social gatherings, Elysiums, Sabbat Ritae, etc. And plots to have happen there, *why* vampires (otherwise solitary creatures) would hang out together, ideas for encounters. lots and lots of material packed in there. It's turning out almost as good as Midnight Siege. Which is to say, good. Anyways.

You're all on notice: Sunday, June 29th, my place, TNT premiere of Julius Caesar. How can it be bad? It has both Christopher Walken *and* Chris Noth! And it's by Uli Edel! (Note: I'm pretty sure I'm the only Uli Edel fan on Earth.)

* Like I've been saying from Day One, the Iraqi exiles aren't a good idea, dude.
* Wait. Bush lied? WHO KNEW. Remind me again why the Distinguished Competition isn't pressing these points?
* Sounds like the Republicans in the Texas matter misused federal agencies' powers.
* Rumsfeld's questionable vision of the future of our armed forces.
* Good news, lots of Iraqi treasures in tact. Still, letting the museums get looted was just stupid.
* Wait, how can they tell the crickets are Mormons?
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