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spring is almost here.


Big Trouble is big fun, and that's a freebie for any reviewers out there. Not enough Patrick Warburton (well, in once scene, all too much Patrick Warburton) and the right amount of Tim Allen. Recommended for people who like quirky comedies. And it covers my Barry Sonnenfeld fix, for now.

Also, A Handmaid's Tale is much, much longer than I remember it being. I also think I remember it being a bit more, uh, interesting. but maybe I was just distracted.

Played in a Mage larp Saturday night, I got to be a MiB, so that was fun. More on this later, I wager.

And really, just a lovely, relaxing weekend. Here's hoping more turn out like this, so I can get farther away from the month of badness we just went through. Now, if only I can find more free time... So many projects and spring cleaning that need doing.

Quote:"Do you want to die here?" -Tamlin, The Books of Magic

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