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"Kern River is the story of America's oil supply. Four decades ago, the United States was the world's biggest oil producer."

Good news everyone! John Tierney presents ten things you can stop worrying about. (Courtesy asimplelife.)

Today's most awesome headline: Bees join hunt for serial killers

* Long time coming: Senator Ted Stevens indicted. Michael Scherer points out why it's big news.
* "In an administration in which ideology trumped justice, some said no."
* 'Glad Tidings of Benevolence': on the ground in Diyala province.
* "My government is just a vast criminal enterprise."
* More charges for Warren Jeffs' followers.
* Obama's risky veep choice. But does McCain have any easier a time of it?
* Ice free, what next? How climate change will impact Greenland's independence.
* The AV Club talks with Adam West.
* Heh. LATimes presents fifteen shameless pleasures.

DC and Dark Horse top the 2008 Eisners awards.

Speaking of comics, let's peek at Marvel's post-Secret Invasion plans. (Cloak and Dagger!) Also, following Buffy Season 8 success, let's have Farscape Season 5.

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