PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's Froomkin:

"The latest investigation into the overt politicization of the Department of Justice has meticulously documented how a handful of young political appointees blatantly violated federal laws and Justice Department policies by hiring career employees based on the extent of their devotion to Republican dogma.

"But the report doesn't address who is responsible for creating the culture of corruption in which these aides thrived.

"Who asked them to behave this way? Or, barring an explicit request, how did they come to conclude that this was what their superiors expected of them? Who twisted the Justice Department, designed to operate with a large degree of independence, into a political adjunct of the White House?

"And is it really just a coincidence that Monica Goodling, the central culprit of this latest report, held the title of White House liaison?"

Tags: news, quotes, welcome to america

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