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Every time I have myself half-convinced it's time to move on from City of Heroes, I end up having a really awesome night of it, and wishing I played more. Quite the conundrum. Last night featured taking my kung-fu scrapper through the Midnight Chain, which was good times. Just another pick-up group that meshed really well, despite an odd build (two blasters, two scrappers, three tanks.) And did I mention my groovy new boxing costume? Well, I just did.

Also spent a little time re-basing older Heroclix for using in Superfigs, the minis-obsession of the week/month. I say obsession since I don't have the time/opportunity to play often, but a boy can dream. I'll be a gamer 'till the day I die, regardless of how often I actually get out there and get things done.

Speaking of which, I don't think I ever mentioned that a couple weeks ago, I did make it over to warmaster's gaming mecca. We tried out a couple games. First was Heroclix Alpha, which is a cool little simpler version of Heroclix. Very keen. After that, the long-anticipated Song of Blades and Heroes, which is a highly ambitious title for what turns out to be a smooth, simple minis game. Highly recommended for people who don't like games too crunchy. Retains the core feel of a minis wargame without bogging down in obscure details or math. Next up: their awesome goofy post-apocalypse version.

I do, however, need to start tossing older gaming books and things that don't have any significant resale value. The specter of moving again has driven that point home, with a bullet. Sigh. I'm so much of a pack rat, it hurts, but I need to face facts on this.

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