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"A sheen of oil coated the Mississippi River for nearly 100 miles from the center of New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico following the worst oil spill in the area in nearly a decade." More here.

Good read: local police rethink the focus on terrorism.

EPA report says voluntary action won't cut global warming. Well, duh.

* "Documents reveal that when C.I.A. interrogators used waterboarding and other techniques, they were required to keep records of each method used, its duration and the names of everyone present."
* Why is the Army failing to provide for its veterans?
* Israel plans more settler housing. Great idea, guys. How do you expect that will turn out?
* Smugglers try to take advantage of the hurricane.
* Heh. One place Republicans don't want to drill for oil.
* Comcast continues to grow, but its customers feel the crunch.
* The oldest known surviving copy of the New Testament goes online.
* "In the spirit of making contortionist, half-naked lemonade out of political lemons, the cirque scene has never been stronger in L.A."

LiveOnline transcript with Neil Patrick Harris.

Neat. Zoe Bell teams up with Ed Brubaker for online action series Angel of Death.

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