PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Caught an episode of the BBC's Faking It where they had a ballet dancer impersonate a professional wrestler. It was awesome. Also, more of the grueling training process wrestlers go through. It being only an hour show, you didn't get the real weight of it all like Tough Enough gave you, but still, damn nice.

Also, the Muppet Show DVDs have a great bonus feature: Muppet Screen Tests. One was different Muppets trying out for the part of Yoda (including Pepe!) Another was a scene from The Frogfather with Fozzie asking the Frogfather for a favor. But the real winner was a casting tryout for A Streetcar Named Desire, all in black and white. So, so delightful hearing the Swedish Chef yell "Stella!"

Tomorrow, possibly, HC tournament at DW, but if so only the Marvel half. Fingers crossed that the bulk of dis-ease has left the house.

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