PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

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This is rumor control, here are the facts.

So. Our lovely apartment complex, which has been irritating us as of recently with a bevy of minor issues, has in their graciousness decided to raise our rent again. In the letter regarding the renewal of our lease, they mention they are raising it the maximum amount that the county allows. Which is the same percentage they raised it last year. I can only presume they don't actually want people to continue living there, with tactics like that. This is more entertaining considering the recent survey they sent us asking about how they can improve their residents service program, and asking what we wanted in the way of increasing community service. We weren't sure this joint was worth the amount they raised it to last year. I certainly know it isn't worth another increase on top of that.

The short version is, we have to move again in a few months, once we've saved up enough to afford movers and a deposit at the new place, wherever that may be. M. was already looking at options beforehand, so we'll kick that up a notch. Accessibility to the Metro and to wherever Z. end up are key in this regard. Details to follow as they emerge.

Tags: 2008, not news, not right
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