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Sunday reading

"A human life, based on an economic analysis grounded in observations of everyday Americans, typically turns out to be worth $5 million to $8 million - about as much as a mega-mansion or a middle infielder. Now, for the first time, the EPA has used this little-known process to devalue life, something that environmentalists say could set a scary precedent, making it seem that lifesaving pollution reductions are not worth the cost."

"President Bush has filled top posts across his administration with people who do not agree with the missions of their organizations. His Environmental Protection Agency has failed to protect the environment; his Justice Department has promoted injustice. To lead the Department of Labor, Mr. Bush appointed Elaine Chao, who took office in 2001 arguing that states should be able to opt out of the federal minimum wage - a terrible idea that would drive down wages for the lowest-paid employees. For more than seven years, Ms. Chao has run a department that has tilted toward employers and failed to properly enforce labor laws."

"In short, what Maliki is saying is: Please leave, as soon as possible. He may be saying this for local, political reasons, in the run up to the regional Iraqi elections, but he's saying it. In the U.S., this is all bad news for the McCain campaign. Yes, McCain was right about the Surge, but that is a small, tactical truth too complicated to be understood by most Americans. Maliki Endorses Obama Withdrawal Plan is a headline everyone can understand."

"The movie's spirit is somewhere between High School Musical and Hedwig and the Angry Inch; it's at once dorkily wholesome and proudly slutty. It posits a transgenerational, pansexual paradise that's so deeply queer that when one of the characters comes out of the closet late in the movie, the revelation seems superfluous. We've just spent the last 90 minutes singing ABBA while line-dancing on docks in snorkeling flippers, and you're telling us you're gay?"

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