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Good News:
Tonight was beautiful outside. There was this weird energy in the air, the wind and the moonlight, like something that was happening slowly was about to happen. I wish I had strayed outside longer, because I know I will think back on it later and wish I had. You could feel it, I tell you. Like the feeling of someone's hand, right before they touch yours. A palpable aura.

Man, I am turning into such a damn hippie.

In less poetic and flowery language, Death to Smoochie is a lot of fun. Comparable to the ideal The Big Lebowski, quirky and surreal. But remove some of the Coen Brothers' quirky surreality, and replace it with some of DeVito's dark comedy.

And something I was worried about appears to be at least less-worrysome, so fingers are crossed.

Bad News:
Today I forgot what day one of my best friends' birthday was. Also, when looking at a list of year, I couldn't remember what year my parents were born. Forgetting is bad, knowing you're forgetting is worse. Meh.

Other Things:
Don't let that latter part taint the first part. The former more than makes up for the latter.

Might be heading up to New York this weekend, might not. WIsh I knew, because I need time to over-plan these things. Although, apparently, I may have to update my paradigm to leave planning by the wayside more often.

Got some webpage work done this week, plenty left to do of course. I'm getting this spring cleaning urge as well, and I think it's finally time to clean out my room, once and for all. Organize organize organize.

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