PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

As the world turns: the shifting global economy hits richer nations the hardest.

Man, even the Pentagon thinks we're screwing up our diplomatic efforts.

Cities struggle to meet new demand for mass transit.

* Analysis: speaking of diplomacy, the adminsitration talks to Iran. (I guess all the right wingers are going to start denouncing the White House now, too?)
* Huh. Spain's Supreme Court overturns convictions in the Madrid train bombings.
* England deals with a rise in knife crime.
* Good read: David S. Broder on listening to the governors.
* On McCain and the return of Reaganomics.
* Chris Cillizza examined Obama's fundraising totals.
* The oldest oil paintings in the world.
* The AV Club interviews Michael Ian Black.

Ooh. Military research on sleep reduction.

Here's the 2008 Emmy nominations. (Let me be the first to say Pushing Daisies and Battlestar Galactica were robbed.)

Tags: easy sell, news, scary technology, science!, tv, welcome to america

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