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Top read: Dan Froomkin talks about the lawlessness of the Bush presidency, Tony Snow, selling access to the White House, and more.

"The biggest political story of 2008 is getting little coverage. It involves the collapse of assumptions that have dominated our economic debate for three decades."

"The average American doesn't have enough intestinal fortitude to tell someone to shut up if they are talking in a movie theater. You know how hard it is to take on your chain of command? This isn't the shift manager at KFC." (Courtesy ninjacooter.)

* Footage released of the questioning of a Guantanamo detainee. Courtesy Swampland, here's the Rolling Stone article on the detainee.
* "What's the outcome of all this? Besides Bush never again being able to brag about creating the highest rate of home-ownership in the world this could add as much as $5 trillion to the national debt and trash what little value is left of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's stock."
* Planning to protest the Republican convention? Bring your binoculars. (Isn't this still America?)
* Bad news: the crisis at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is bad news for anyone hoping to get a loan.
* The challenges of coming out of the closet at a younger age. (Courtesy sophistbastard.)
* Italy works to deal with polygamy.
* On McCain's use of the internet. (I mean, I don't expect modern candidates to be all kinds of net-savvy, but this isn't exactly some new fly-by-night development...)
* Joe Klein talks Obama and Iraq.
* Heh. The LATimes illustrates a striking parallel.

Accessibility: J.J. Abrams takes his lessons learned into his new show, Fringe.

DC Comics, seeing success on Marvel's side of the fence, looks to a new age in Hollywood.

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