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Hmmm. No movie/hanging out for me yesterday, but now a surprise HeroClix tourney tomorrow (hee, the same place as the Jyhad tournament, and the people working on GamesDay stuffs. Gaming Mecca!) Trying not to get my hopes up about going, and doesn't really make up for missing the movie, but it's something outside the house. And still theories of shenanigans early next week, so I think it's safe to say things are looking up.

As long as I can continue convincing myself I'm not sick, then we're fine.

Man, did I never post the awesome Lego Nebuchadnezzar? (The ship from The Matrix, not the Biblical king.) (Though the latter would be awesome, I note.)

Bookclub followup:'s Cecil Adams answers "Why is so much of the Islamic world backward and ignorant?"

"Look at it this way: as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out, this latest tax cut reduces federal revenue as a share of GDP to its lowest level since 1959. That is, federal taxes are now back to what they were in an era when Medicare and Medicaid didn't exist, and Social Security was still a minor expense." -Paul Krugman

* Wait, Ridge just noticed everyone is ignoring the Terror Alert color system? Did he ever go to high school? Dork.
* From above: Paul Krugman on the administration betraying the people with their budget and their tactics.
* Nicholas Kristof explains why intelligence needs to be digested by professionals rather than cherry-picked by ideologues.
* IBM's new weather-forecasting supercomputer is coming online today. As long as they don't name it SkyNet, I am fine.
* Now is the time to take decisive action on Myanmar. If only they had oil or something.

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