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Army launches probe into firing of the Gina Gray, the public affairs director at Arlington National Cemetery who was working to open up media coverage of military funerals. Also, bonus coverage by Dana Milbank here.

Analysis: Andrew Cohen on all the decisions of the most recent Supreme Court term.

"The biggest failing of both parties in this presidential campaign has been the unwillingness to be forthright with the public about the true extent of the crises facing the country."

* UN sanctions on Zimbabwe are vetoed by China and Russia.
* "Apparently, U.S. law now applies everywhere in the world except Guantanamo Bay. "
* Interesting: the FCC is prepared to take action against Comcast for imposing restrictions on its users' network traffic based on content.
* Five lessons for picking a vice president.
* The mystery of the missing First Folio comes to a surprising end.
* On using pop music to break down prisoners' will.
* Former press secretary and Fox News host Tony Snow passed away.

Robots that can walk up walls?

The AV Club interviews Brendan Fraser.

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