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Analysis: What was behind Iran's missile test? Bonus: Iran has now also mastered Photoshop and adds a missile. Good work guys!

Companies struggle to get viral marketing to work for them.

Hot quotation news! Who wrote the Serenity prayer?

* In preparation for hosting the Olympics, China cracks down... on reporters.
* Abu Aardvark on the Iraqi refugees. Hearts and minds isn't just for the invasion, people.
* The perils of Obama's slide towards the moderates.
* Chris Cillizza with the latest from the veepstakes.
* DNA provides clues to the Canadian 'severed feet' mystery.
* "A third of the world's reef-building coral species are facing extinction." Meanwhile, Bush puts off implementing global warming countermeasures, despite a Supreme Court ruling.
* Joel Achenbach blogs for a planet of corn.
* BBC correspondent Charles Wheeler passed away.

Honestly, if I was going to do a Red Dawn remake, I would do an actual period remake, with Commies as the bad guys and 80's jokes a-plenty. Wolverines! (Courtesy jwiv.)

The AV Club presents your guide to the WALL-E controversy.

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