PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Is it unusual that somebody in the State Department wouldn't have told someone in the White House that this was going on, since this ran contrary to administration policy?"

Good July 4th read: examining our paradoxical attitudes towards privacy.

"I like the idea that investigating military suppliers is somehow 'touchy,' when by all rights those are the guys we should be holding to the highest standards."

* Dana Milbank on trying to spin a terrible economy.
* The emerging importance of Latin America.
* South Dakota has a new anti-abortion law, of dubious legality.
* "But in Israel, because Dawyyat was an Arab, his bloody insanity was branded an act of terrorism, and politicians began talking about exacting punishment against Arabs." Hearts and minds, people.
* "It's hard to remember a time when the Republicans didn't own the patriotism issue."
* How the candidates like to gamble, and what it might say about them. Oh, and they're both lefties. Huh.
* Another sign the Lebanon is bouncing back: the return of Time Out.
* Why watermelon won't replace Viagra.
* Former senator and conservative icon Jesse Helms passed away.

Holy cats, Mercury is shrinking!

Just when you think Fox News couldn't sink any lower. (Courtesy Scylla.)

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