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Top read: so, it turns out some of the administration's 'enhanced interrogation techniques' were copied, verbatim, from Chinese Communist techniques from the 50's. Seriously, people.

Andrew Cohen notes the Second Amendment ruling is just the beginning.

The differences in Obama's faith-based plan. I remain... dubious.

* Richard Cohen on courting the evangelists.
* E. J. Dionne Jr. on the conservatives' last stand versus the will of the voters.
* The Fact Checker: 30 released detainees "have already tried to attack America again."
* "Given that we now have two candidates who both lack significant executive experience, this is one of the central issues facing voters. And we should all take the issue of executive ability seriously."
* The French plan to take the EU space program to the next level.
* Heh. Couple almost get away with a gay marriage in Virginia.
* 600 more Starbucks locations to close.
* Interesting: Diesel Sweeties drops syndication.
* Character actor and Stargate regular Don S. Davis passed away. (Courtesy lovellama.)

A sequel to 300? What?

New Line has yet to pay the Tolkien estate a single dollar of royalties from the Lord of the Rings movies.

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