PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

A couple days ago, one of my co-workers, referring to the current re-org at work (moving everyone left in the three-story building into our smaller one-story building,) has made our room look like a refugee camp. This is getting more and more true, now there's stuff in all the walkways. I went to get a soda first thing in the morning, no less than ten people in the snack room. Went for coffee later, four people in the coffee nook. Today's bit of surreality: another department moved into the room with us. Now, in their other room, they had full-height cubes, and these plastic screens they put in their cube entrances, to block out distractions or whatever. So they set them up in here, in their new *half-height* cubes. It looks ridiculous, I can't get over it. And it's only function that I can see is making it harder to get in and out of their cubes.

My Mormon name is KPaul Damascus!
What's yours?

* I once again give the Senate props, this time for talking back to the FCC.
* Right, missile defense, forgot about that one.

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