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Netflixin': This Filthy World, The Signal, and a poll

I've made no secret of my love of John Waters, who is not just a Baltimore treasure, but a national treasure. So when I heard he had a new movie that was just him talking about his life and his movies, I had to track it down. John Waters: This Filthy World is a treat, just him and a microphone telling stories about the making of his movies and his weird, weird world. A good show even if you don't like his movies, and a must-see for his fans. Check it out.

(Add John Waters: This Filthy World to your Netflix queue by clicking here.)

Thre premise for The Signal is right up my alley: a broadcast signal that's driving people crazy. However, I was unprepared for how good the movie turned out to be. It's creepy, very realistic in parts (especially the characters not acting like typical horror movie archetypes,) shocking, and at times even funny. All this alone would lead me to recommend it to any horror fan.

However, the DVD bonuses turn the dial up to eleven. While the movie is pretty apparently a low-budget production, I didn't realize just how low. And filmed on a surprisingly tight schedule, with multiple directors (veterans of the 48 Hour Film Project.) Seriously impressive stuff, you can tell they'll have quite the future ahead of them. Highly worth your time, and yes, check out all the special features.

(Add The Signal to your Netflix queue by clicking here.)

Poll #1212662 Netflixin' and you

How are the Netflixin' posts format working out for you, the reader?

I like it.
I'd rather have them back on Netflix.
I'm complicated, and left notes or suggestions in comments.
Shouldn't you be working on new LJ icons?

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