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"In the almost seven years since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, we have made little effort to rigorously and dispassionately examine the global terrorism threat. Indeed, the report of the 9/11 Commission - now four years old - is the closest we've ever come to assembling facts, rather than merely repeating political claims that so often turn out to be fantasy."

David S. Broder on the scandal of gerrymandering.

* Chris Cillizza on the politics of the gun decision.
* Dana Milbank on David Addington, under subpoena.
* How North Korea was a victory of diplomacy over the neocon hardliners.
* "Truth be told, that was always more of a wish than a serious forecast, happy talk from the Fed and Wall Street desperate to get things back to normal."
* Will the North Pole melt away this year?
* Tibetan nomads get rich off fungus.
* Next big multimedia 'thing': Spielberg takes on The 39 Clues.

Hot Mars news: reconciling the mystery of the hemispheres, and wow, Martian soil appears capable of sustaining plant life.

Using clues from The Odyssey to come up with a timeframe for Homer.

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