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"The Air Force bungled its biggest procurement deal to spend $40 billion to buy new aerial refueling tankers to replace its aging fleet, federal investigators declared last week. But what wasn't publicly known until yesterday was just how badly they did so."

Interesting. Looking at climate change as a threat to domestic stability and a driving force behind a number of security issues worldwide.

Yes, Zimbabwe is in dire straits, but what about Equatorial Guinea?

* Progress: the White House lifts some sanctions on North Korea. The BBC talks about why North Korea changed, with a bonus Q&A.
* Nifty: Supreme Court takes a strong stance on the Second Amendment in overturning the ban on handguns in DC.
* The Senate investigates revising intelligence laws.
* Is Homeland Security prepared for the transition of power?
* "The incident of cronyism removes all doubts that the real mission of the faith-based initiative is to aid the religious right."
* Checking out Obama's November strategy.
* Online activists aren't happy with Obama's stance on FISA.
* 'Does anyone know how much oil there is in the world?'
* Candy giant to sequence the chocolate genome for a brighter future.

"Environmental scientists are beginning to use an unsavory new tool - raw sewage - to paint an accurate portrait of drug abuse in communities."

Ooh. Exhibition on the ancient roots of tattoos.

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