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"The main cause of the red/blue divide, Bishop argues, is prosperity, which has given the American people the ability to reorder their lives around their tastes and values by moving to like-minded communities. The result is a country sliced and rearranged into red and blue communities — like children dividing on a playground."

"If you leave here remembering only one number, let it be this one: $53 trillion."

Hee! "They want to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W. Bush Sewage Plant."

* Supreme Court outlaws the death penalty for child rapists.
* "Many of the diseases are typically associated with tropical developing countries but are surprisingly common in poor regions of the United States."
* 20 questions for David Addington. (EDIT: this is now, offically, a Top Read.)
* "For a movement that made its political fortune by lamenting the bogeyman of godless secularism, Obama is a singularly troubling phenomenon."
* Obama asks donors to give money to pay off Clinton's debt.
* Neat. Florida moves to restore the Everglades.
* "How an obscure FBI rule is ensuring the destruction of irreplaceable historical records."
* Release date set for the Coraline movie.

Fact-checking the Cuban Missile Crisis!

Dubai plans to build wacky 'moving skyscraper.'

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