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"Justice Department officials improperly used political and ideological factors to screen applicants for the agency's prestigious honors and summer intern programs, sometimes rejecting otherwise qualified candidates because of their ties to Democrats."

Two diverse reports, two similar conclusions on Iraq. (More here.)

Maryland firm spied on anti-corporate activists.

* "US asks to rewrite evidence against Guantanamo detainees ahead of court review." Seriously, guys?
* David Ignatius on our future in a sovereign Iraq.
* One of the first scientists to warn about global warming says things may be too late soon.
* The failure of Al-Hurra, at the taxpayer's expense. Bonus: good comments from Abu Aardvark.
* Religion becoming more prominent in Russian education.
* Body language: "For 25 years I worked as a paid observer."
* Gas prices hurting tours by indy bands.
* Whoah. I am tempted to track down Tokyo Gore Police out of sheer curiousity.

Ooh. Rebuilding the computer Colossus.

Top Chef's best and worse dishes this season.

"The idea of an energy-generating bra isn't as crazy as it might sound."

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