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a post that isn't just news or movies

Got back earlier today from M.'s parents' place in southern MD. We swung down there yesterday to celebrate M.'s birthday and her brother's birthday and a bleated Father's Day as well. Good stuff. I accidentally won two games of Ticket to Ride and ate a steak as big as my head.

In wrapping up, I should also note I snuck in some actual toy soldier gaming last week, getting my cyber-butt handed to me in Rezolution, which remains a personal favorite game these days. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of things, but until I have reliable car-type transportation, it's still going to be sadly hit and miss.

I've felt pretty stuck in a rut these days. Been trying to write a couple article-length things (review of Southland Tales, article on the aforementioned Rezolution) that I sit down to work on, but just can't get into the swing of things. And, as noted before, this is the first "real" LJ post in about a week. (I enjoy the news posts, mind you, but that's a thing.)

And I also feel stuck in a rut in hanging out with people as well, and catching up with friends. There's a few people who've made an effort to keep up with me, and I appreciate their work. But I feel this odd inertia in trying to make plans to catch up with other people I've fallen behind on, and it's lame, but hard to come up with the energy or motivation or whatever. Like I'm just pinballing between my work weeks, with the occasional other happening springing up. Feh. I'm sure it's just a phase or whatever, but it runs me down sometimes. The karaoke party was nice, maybe I should put something else simple together.

This week, working on new LJ icons. Maybe catching up with some people this weekend. We'll see

Tags: 2008, gaming, not news

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