PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Let the backpedaling begin: the Surgeon General told Congress that he would be willing to support a ban on all tobacco products.

While I've got you here, here's ...

* The primary tactic of the Bush administration is misleading the public.
* Speaking of which, the vaunted tax cuts actually mean the taxes on the middle class will rise as taxes for the wealthy decrease.
* More on the fallout from the FCC decision.
* A new reason to hate corporate America: marketing to kids through sponsored field trips.
* I wonder if I should get in on these White House webchats.
* Remember: we care about democracy worldwide. Except in Zimbabwe and Burma.
* Speaking of Bush not telling the truth, the fact are coming out about Bush's claims on Texas' charter schools.
* The British are set to investigate Blair's decision to enter the war against Iraq.
* Wait, why doesn't the Arab world like us anymore?
* G-8, time to bring in China.
* FBI agents learn a few things from 14 year old girls.

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