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'Pentagon officials solicited CIA opinions on harsh interrogation techniques, implemented them over opposition from military lawyers.' And a new report finds more evidence of torture. Dan Froomkin covers the investigation into how high up the chain it goes. (Good read, as always.)

The working poor struggle for a fair wage.

The Minerva Project: the military seeks to recruit social scientists to combat emerging security threats.

* No recession, sure, but no good economic news for the next couple years either. Unsurprisingly, people remain gloomy.
* On the issues: comparing McCain and Bush (with bonus graphic.)
* Abu Aardvark on 'the Jordan option' and why people are up in arms over it.
* The upcoming do-over of the fight over ethanol.
* "Seriously, at this point, what form of deception could the Bush administration practice that would totally surprise you? I'm not kidding. I want a list."
* 58 years later, one picture says a thousands words, from California.
* Chris Cillizza on the return of the terrorism issue.
* Rep. Jefferson is running again. No, seriously. No word on what's in his freezer this time.

The LATimes talks with the Rock, on how he's become 'just' Dwayne Johnson.

"Can the Enemy Build a Super-Soldier?"

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