PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The Bush administration's executive-privilege claims almost make Watergate look like a fond memory."

Good read: hey, Blackwater did such a good job in Iraq, how about we get them some juicy contracts stateside? And beyond?

The NRA, a victim of its own success, is losing political clout, as gun control isn't much of an issue anymore.

* Record flooding devastates Des Moines.
* Analysis: will the Guantanamo ruling McCain denounces the ruling.
* "In a major embarrassment last month, [the Supreme Court] could not muster the quorum of six justices needed to decide whether to hear a high-profile appeal brought by more than 50 companies that did business in apartheid-era South Africa."
* Countrywide-gate? Mortgage-gate? Slimy-politician-gate?
* Getting used to climate change.
* Switzerland's obsession with time.
* ABC isn't happy that Katherine Heigl opted out of the Emmy race.
* The AV Club interviews Tim Meadows.
* Famed journalist Tim Russert passed away.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week. OK, but I totally knew #6, because it rules.

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