PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Just got the call from RQ, and yep, she has in fact has strep. So now I need to avoid my house forever. And, so glad we didn't hit book club last night, as that would have meant exposing everyone.

Unfortunately, we watched 8 Legged Freaks instead. It was very, ehn. Mix together Tremors with Scream and add a dash of Gremlins. Now remove all the heart from the above films. Very glad I didn't pay for this one.

Tonight, theoretically, Jyhad. At least for part of the night.

* A dark day for the public, in the face of new, larger media conglomerates.
* We're #1! I got your PATRIOT Act right here.
* We're here to bring you democracy. Well, sort of. Eventually. Maybe.
* Oh, Bush is pledging full commitment to the Israel-Palestine situation now. That's good news, especially considering what his full commitment to Afghanistan and Iraq has done for them.
* Canada has a spying agency?

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